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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to the Bag

I worked on the Quaker Bag and got that darn flap done.  It has a lot of stitching on it so this is a major accomplishment.

Now I have to print out some more pages of the chart.  I think I'll work on the rectangular middle since I have a good start with the blue motif done.

I walked outside this morning.  We are having an unusually warm weekend.  I will get to walk outside tomorrow too but it may be raining.  I always see lots of runners on Saturdays.

I need to get onto the next step on my casket.  I stretched the three queens. I sprayed water on the back of it and let it dry.

 It is waiting for paper to be glued on the back.  But I also have to prepare the side of the casket that it goes on.  I have to put glue on the wood and when that dries, I put glue on the paper and attach it to the casket.  That part makes me nervous.  The last step is to glue paper to paper.  Scary.

I put just a few stitches in Janet's SAL.  This is relaxing and a no pressure stitch.  I tried working without the hoop.  The fabric really isn't large enough to do that. I haven't decided if I like one ply or two ply of floss. I've tried it both ways.   I'm stitching on the small size that I printed out.  I like that Janet is showing her stitching so I have ideas on colors and stitches and how they look.  Wouldn't this be a really cool book cover when it is done?

Happy Saturday!


  1. My dear all your stitches are so sweet
    GOD bless you
    You truly a very kind soul
    Love you x

  2. I love the three queens and can't wait to see how you put them on the casket. I am enjoying your embroidery piece also.

  3. So much pretty stitching. I love that pretty little yellow bird.

  4. Amy I've just found your blog and have browsed a bit, finding lots of beautiful things you've stitched. I'll enjoy seeing your next completions. blessings, marlene