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Monday, January 11, 2016


Today we are having tile put in the mud room.  The underlayment is done.  I am excited to see what the tile looks like.  I picked wood plank tile.  So this is the before picture:

I think they plan to grout tomorrow.

I have been fighting with the Quaker Bay.  There is an error somewhere.  The sides aren't matching up.  ARGH.  Taking out over one is a pain.

It is very cold here (7 degrees) and getting tile installed has messed up my schedule big time.  Only one bathroom is clean (so far) and I haven't done any walking.


  1. ohh now a days the weather is much better and i am so much waiting for the winter days..
    your stitching looking so lovely x

  2. The tile will be pretty.
    Sorry you have to frog. :(