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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Back to Almost Normal

Things are getting back to normal today.  It's a new normal but whatever.  I went walking at the Y.  It was nice to see my old walking buddies.  I prefer to walk outside but where I live that is just not possible all the time.  The Christmas tree is all put away for another year.  The new tile for the mud room is ordered.  Son#2 and family have moved (again!).  Secretly, I am glad that the holiday season is over.

Where am I?  Well I finished the big motif I was working on with the Quaker Bag.

I have moved on to another.

 Half the work is just deciding what color I'm going to try.  I'm using some threads from a Brightneedle project.  (I was going to say leftover threads, but the project isn't done yet!)

 For this next motif it just occurred to me to use DMC 926.  So I am.  I did a fair amount of ripping.  I thought, what if I made a note each time of why I had to rip out stuff.  Yesterday, I would have noted that I started in the wrong place. Which is really a counting error.  Note to self:  don't start in the wrong place.  This is related to the axiom, measure twice cut once.  I should count three times, stitch once.
Confession:  This is the table by my stitching chair.

 I am going to clean it off this year.  Really.
Hope you are enjoying the first weekend of the new year.


  1. I love your's looking so sweet...
    I think I love your's look so cute..yummy.
    Big hugs x

  2. OMG Incredible stash table. Makes me feel a little better about mine. Work table in DH computer room is usually covered--like yours is.

  3. Your Quaker Bag is going to be gorgeous! I love all the colors you're using! My stitching area is a mess too. Oh well.... Maybe I'll clean mine this year, too!

    Happy new year!