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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I finished up the large panel of the Quaker Bag.

 Then I started two of the pockets.

 But I got bored.  So I picked up something new.  I've had the Monica half doll pincushion pattern for a while.

Then last December I bought the Monica porcelain half doll.

I scrounged around a bit and found the threads.

 I scrounged around some more and found some fabric that will do for the apron.  It isn't the called for color but I like this one instead.

  I just wanted to see how it would look.  But I miscalculated.  I thought there were 10 threads in a square.  But there are twelve.  So this is not at all centered,  in fact, I was afraid I would not be able to get the whole border on the fabric.  I have just a small seam allowance.  But it is doable.  I love strawberries so this is fun.  And it is over two on 28 count.  How easy is that?
There is a wind chill of minus eight here today.  UGH.  At least it isn't snowing.  I walked at the Y.  My messiness is bugging me today.  I have to clean something off in my sewing room.  Creating always makes a mess.  That's my excuse.


  1. I love the progress on the Quaker bag and the half doll looks like it will be adorable. More of a challenge than I could take on.

  2. Wow the doll pin cushion is so beautiful..
    I love her x

  3. Pincushion doll is very beautiful
    I look forward to see others progresses. Good xxx work

  4. Those dolls are so pretty.
    Glad it's going to work out.