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Sunday, January 10, 2016


I made as many baby quilt squares as I could with the fabric that I had.  I have a total of nine.  I need twelve.  What to do?  I spent a lot of time looking for the fabric that I need on the internet.  This is what I have done so far:

 I am all out of the sky and the water fabric.  But I finally found some on the internet.  So I'll have to wait for it to get here before I can go on.  I saw a quilt by Mrs. Dilly Dally that I think I can make for the back side of this quilt.  I'll use the other Guess How Much I love You fabrics and it will look totally different than the front but the colors will co-ordinate.

This is the pieces I have done for the Quaker Bag lately:
The over-one gets tedious after a while.  I sure am tempted to start another project.  But I've been good and continued to work on this.
I didn't get the Barbara Jackson kit yesterday but I found out that the class has been delayed a week and will start on the 18th instead.  So no worries.
It is snowing.  Ugh.  I walked at the Y.


  1. I hope you find enough fabric to finish your quilt.

  2. I agree, over one stitching is tedious! And these cold winter days, I will walk at the gym too. :)