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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Springlike Sunday

It was 41 degrees when I went walking this morning.  Wow, it felt like spring.  It is supposed to get much colder this week.  I want to remember how nice it is today.  The most dangerous part of my walk was our driveway.  It is very icy.  But by the end of today, the ice may be gone.  Yeah!

I enjoyed watching the SAG awards last night.  There usually isn't much on TV on Saturday nights.  Often I just turn the TV off.  I stitched on the Quaker Bag.  I ironed some starch into the linen and it is handling much better.  It sure is hard when charts are split up on different pages.  I got two more smaller motifs done and a good start on a third one.

I picked up the birth announcement and put in the edges of some areas.  It will be easy to fill in the coat and the boat.  His face is done.

When I look at stitching store sites, I always am reminded of things that are in my stash that I wish I could start.  Then I saw that Rebecca finished her hedgehog bag from a retreat we went to last year.  Hey, I want to work on that too.  Then I succumb to temptation and sign up for an online class, like Berries Sew Sweet.  Yes, I signed up for that one.


  1. The Quaker stitch is coming along nicely. We also are having a very lovely and warm Sunday. Too bad the forecast says cold weather will move back in soon.

  2. Beautiful stitching my dear..
    Big hugs x

  3. It rained all day here yesterday.
    Most of the snow melted away, it was so dirty.
    Great progress on both.