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Thursday, December 31, 2015


I finished Harmony!  I was just looking at Facebook and saw that Marjan finished hers too.  The Tudor rose scissors fob looks fine.  I shouldn't have stressed about it.
 The back:
All three pieces together:
Like Marjan, I can't believe I made it.
I went back yesterday and looked through all my photos for the year to see how much I got done.  Then of course, there are those things that never got done.  There are a few things that are stitched but haven't been made into anything.  My trips really disrupted my stitching.  Only a few of the projects in the classes I took are finished now.
I've had a very memorable 2015.  The high point was the Casket trip to the UK.  I'm very lucky.  I look forward to a fun 2016.
Thank you to Amy Mitten, Janet Brandt, Fearless Leader, BFF, BFF#2 and DH for making this year just the best!


  1. Wow she is so beautiful
    Well done dear
    Hugs x

  2. Thank you too Amy. You're the best roommate a traveler can ask for!!

  3. Harmony looks brilliant and a project to be very proud off! Can't wait to see your 2016 stitching even if you make me feel lazy....

  4. Yay!!!!!!!!
    She's beautiful.
    Congrats on your finish and hard work.