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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Going to Williamsburg

So last Tuesday I started out my journey to Williamsburg, Virginia.  I left late in the day so I could get to Richmond and have all day Wednesday for sightseeing.  I met up with my BFF at the airport.  The flights were unremarkable which is a blessing.  We got to Richmond and it was dark.  We rented a car because Williamsburg is about an hour away.  We found out later that a taxi to the resort was about $160 so it was well worth it to rent a car.  Our hotel bragged that it was right at the airport.  What they meant when they said that was that it was on the airport grounds.  We have found that signage in this area is pretty bad.  I was looking for the Richmond Airport Hotel.  We drove around until we were convinced that we'd gone too far.  Of course, finding things at night is not so easy.  I turned around at a McDonald's.  But when I pulled out into the road I found myself facing a median.  I didn't know what to do so I drove over it (it wasn't that high and it +didn't take off the muffler!).  First driving mistake.  We couldn't find the hotel so we finally got out my GPS, that I call Matilda.  She got us there, thank goodness. There were no name signs for the hotel.  We had a chatty receptionist and a slow computer at the hotel.  I thought we'd never get checked in.  We were exhausted but the rooms were fine.
Wednesday morning we had a nice breakfast at the hotel.  That was a good thing because we never had lunch.  Our goal today is to visit Agecroft Hall Museum,  drive to Williamsburg, shop at Haus Tirol, and check into the resort.  Our first challenge was finding the Agecroft Museum.  Matilda does not like rainstorms.  She could not find a satellite.  I printed out directions to get there just in case.  But I took a wrong turn. (Second driving mistake.) We had the scenic tour of downtown Richmond. ARGH.  It took us forever to find the museum.  It is in a residential area.  It is a very nice place to visit.

 This was a house from England that was very old, like 500 years, that was disassembled, put on a boat and rebuilt with a great deal of updating in 1926 in Richmond.  They guy who did it wanted to make an English style village.  Unfortunately he died in 1928 and then came the depression.  After having been in Scotland and England recently, it was very interesting to see how the house compared to places I'd seen.  The museum is very interesting but we couldn't take any pictures inside.  There are some lovely gardens although this is not the time of year that they are lovely.  There were some very nice embroideries there.   Among them were wonderful 17th century gloves and a book cover as well as an embroidered portrait.

 A wicket door.
An original window from the England house.
This was a pear tree.

 The house is along a river.
One of the gardens.
A little gazebo in the gardens.
More tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful surroundings!
    Thank you for sharing!
    I send greetings!

  2. What a wonderful start to your weekend.

  3. Welcome back. I love reading your reports - it's almost as good as travelling myself ;-)

  4. Sorry you had a round-about way of getting there, but glad you found it.
    The house/museum looks amazing.

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