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Friday, December 11, 2015

More Williamsburg

I was racking my brain yesterday trying to remember where we ate supper when it dawned on me that on Thursday after two Early Bird classes and a visit to the Boutique there was still one more event.  There was a dinner for everybody at the retreat.  After we took a friend over to see Haus Tirol and went back to our rooms to look at our stuff, we went to the dinner.  We got there pretty late so our seats were way over in a corner.  Whatever.  We got an Annie's bag with stuff in it as we came in.  The stuff was pretty lame.  Forty year old charts of frogs.  I'm not using valuable space in my suitcase to take that stuff home.  I would have preferred a candy bar or nothing at all.  The dinner was good especially since I was really hungry.  There was a good speaker who talked about samplers at the DeWitt Museum and had slides to show them.  There is a new person in charge at Annie's and she talked a bit.  They gave away 10 prizes.  A friend won an opened box of note cards.  Other prizes were nicer.  Boy were we tired after such a long day!  The sunset over the river was beautiful.

So for the next three days we have a morning class and an afternoon class.  More kits!  My morning class was Behold Thy Beauty with Jackie DuPlessis.

I wanted to make the unique bag with the wooden frame.  First off, she gave us a kit for a matching scissors fob.

A lot of the stitching is over one.  My mind is churning about how I may want to change this a little.
We have a great lunch at another one of the restaurants at the resort.  It is like a malt shop.  I have a really good grilled cheese and some ice cream which they make right here at the resort.
My afternoon class is Tuscan Shades of Marble with Giulia Manfredini Cornali.  This is a half round box with smalls.  I decide to start on the scissors fob.

  Look at all that thread!

For dinner tonight, we are meeting friends at a French restaurant.  We went to Le Yaca last year and the food was wonderful.  Third driving mistake.  I turned into the exit lane instead of the entrance lane when we turned into the strip mall but nobody was coming so it was not a problem, thank goodness.
 This was my salmon:
 My friend had scallops.
 Of course I had dessert!  Three sorbets.  Yum!

 We really enjoyed the restaurant and had fun talking to friends.

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