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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nice Christmas

I had a very nice Christmas.  I got everything I wanted (that's because I ordered it!).  We got to see Claire open her presents.  What a joy!

My new music box.

It took a while and a couple of YouTube videos
to figure out how to turn it on and listen to a Brandenburg concerto.
I am drinking coffee out of my new cup.  It's from Amy Mitten.

I have been enjoying looking through my new book:

I even got time to stitch yesterday.  Here are the four cornflower petals that I made:

I attached them and went on to stitch the butterfly wings.  I changed the color of the wings but it's okay.

Then I had two leaves to do.
I am very proud of myself.  When I knew I had to do some more hedebos and picots around one of the leaves, I went back and reread the directions.  I couldn't seem to do them correctly on the lace collar or cuffs.  But rereading the directions really helped.  I had been assuming the hedebos were bars not individual stitches.  So it finally dawned on me how to stitch them.  I was finally able to understand the diagrams and sequence of stitches.

Now the front of Harmony is totally done.

 I cut it out and today I hope to stitch at least part of it together.
I'm back to walking today.  It sure doesn't feel like Saturday.  But like DH says, when you are retired, everyday is Saturday.


  1. Harmony looks great.
    Cool presents!
    I bet Claire enjoyed opening her presents.

  2. Yup harmony look beautiful
    Lovely presents
    And Claire is so sweet ..give her my love please you x

  3. Congrats on finishing the stitching on Harmony! One of those mugs is on its way to me too...