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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last Day of Classes

The retreat has gone so fast!  This is our last day.  I am done with my scissors fob for Behold Thy Beauty.

We talk about finished the bag.  My mind is whirring.  I'm thinking of ways to make it easier.  Can the bands be all stitched together?  Can I find a motif that is not over one?  What if I change the colors?  Do I have to make the bag inside? Maybe I could change the words?  The finishing is pretty complicated.

This is the last opportunity to go to the Boutique.  I find some Romy threads.  They are used in a couple of charts that I have so the opportunity to get threads is tempting.  But I don't know what colors I need.  I end up getting a bunch of pretty colors.

 My BFF talks me into some pins with flowers on them.

 I see a tube of rice paste and I'm intrigued.  I might need rice paste sometime, you never know.

We have an hour and a half for lunch.  We have those delicious grilled cheese sandwiches again.  Then we are off to take a friend to the airport.  She has to be back at work tomorrow and must leave early.  Luckily we get back in time for the afternoon class. I've worked hard and finished the scissors fob for this class too.  It is supposed to have a tassel on the end but I haven't done that part yet.

Tonight is the Illumination which is fireworks in Williamsburg.  Too many people in too small an area.  Not my thing.  We opt to stay at the resort.  Unfortunately, the main restaurant is closed on Sundays so we go to the one across the way.  I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get in but we were able to sit with two other retreat attendees and it worked out fine.  I tried some fish that I hadn't heard of before called corvina.  It was good.  All the food at this resort is good.

Tomorrow we leave early in the morning to go to the airport in Richmond.  I've had a great time but I am ready to go back home now.  When you are at this retreat they tempt you by showing the projects for next year.  Jackie showed us her paper concept of a linen box that unfolds and has sweet peas on it and a beautiful wooden sewing box.  I love both of them.  Then Sherri Jones had a paper mock-up of her project.  Lovely.  So BFF, friend and I all signed up for next year.  We are suckers for nifty projects.

Back to the real world tomorrow.  It will take me all day to get back though.  At least I don't have to go as far as British Columbia or Oxford, England like some others.

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  1. Great projects.
    Too bad it's over already, but it seems like you did a lot!