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Monday, December 14, 2015

Are You Sure It's December?

I have been home almost a week.  I have another cold.  (ARGH)  I've been getting stuff ready and sent to the kids and gift cards to the rest of the family.  Rain was threatening when I went walking this morning but how could I not walk outside when it is 57 degrees?  The bathrooms are clean.  I have braved the Post Office.  I got lucky, the line was not out the door yet.  Then I braved FedEx and braced myself for the the cost of sending a box.  It's so expensive!
Now it is quiet in my house and I can show you what I have been working on.

This is Patrizia.  She is all done!  She isn't perfect. I took her apart and put her back together again trying to make the skirt fit around her waist.  I am tempted to try and redo her apron.  It doesn't fit around her waist like I would like either.  I made her little basket.  Cute!

I love the pins that go with her.
I changed her skirt from purple to green dupioni silk.  Note that I did not break any of her fingers.  She is fragile and I was very careful with her.  (Knock on wood)

I am so excited to see that my hero, Amy Mitten, has new tutorials coming out.  But that means I have to get busy and finish up Harmony and the Quaker Bag.  It took about half and hour to locate Harmony's sleeve that I started before I left.  I'll show you how I'm doing tomorrow.


  1. Patrizia is gorgeous Amy! Her basket is amazing.
    Merry Christmas, love Annette

  2. You truly are amazing! I haven't put in a single stitch to any project since I got home. She is beautiful!

  3. Patrizia is lovely ! it was fun hearing all about Williamsburg - A friend from my EGA chapter went and had the same doll class as you.

  4. Patrizia is so pretty.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Beautiful doll
    Giulia's dolls are wonderful
    You did a very great work

  6. She is so pretty!
    And the idea of the basket is great! I will try to do the same for my doll :) Thank you!