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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pretty Sad Looking

I made three petals for the Tudor rose scissors fob.

I thought I would get better at it as I went along.  Sadly, not.  These are pretty rough looking. The best one is that one of the left.  I am going to wait and see what all five look like when I put them together.

I started the finger loop braiding for the fob.  Sadly, it too did not go well.  First off, I cut all my threads in half so they wouldn't get so tangled up.  That meant that I didn't have threads long enough to do the finger loops.  I "borrowed" some threads from the Quaker Bag that I hadn't cut up.  But then I got a knot after doing this much.  Sometimes the universe works against you.

  Rats.  I'm going to try and untangle the loops and keep going.  Again, I'll wait and see if I have enough for the fob.  Some days things just don't go well.  I should have just done something else like read a book.

It was too slushy to walk outside today so I went to the Y.  The main streets aren't too bad to drive on.
I found a video and pattern on YouTube for a nice sailboat for the new baby's quilt.  I ordered some brown fabric for the boat part that matches the Guess How Much I Love You fabric.  I love the internet as you can find all kinds of things.  How did I ever do without it?


  1. It's been very educational to watch your journey in making Harmony and putting all of this together. Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Truly it was a very beautiful journey to watch harmony grow with you.she is so beautiful.
    Big beary hugs x

  3. Cheer up Amy. I am sure it will look good when you have put it together.
    Just swing your magic wand!
    Happy new year!!

  4. They will probably look good when you put them all together.
    It's cold and snowy here in WI.
    Stay warm!