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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Second Day of Main Classes

The resort where we are staying is called KingsMill.  They always have an elaborate gingerbread house this time of year.  This year it is a ginger bread clock.

I thought they cheated and used some wood but I heard the chef telling how he made it look like wood grain.  It really is all gingerbread.  Wow.

 There is always a train running around the bottom of the Christmas tree.  The whole place is done up for Christmas and there is Christmas music playing all the time.

I must be getting very old because I found the Christmas music annoying.  There is a man who stands outside the main door and greets each person as he or she goes in.  That poor man has to listen to that music all the time.

I wanted to show you photos of the boutique.  There were about four very long tables with things for sale.

 My friend and I were trying to resist buying another one of Giulia's half dolls.  I have the pattern for Monica and there was the Monica doll right there.  But it was expensive.  On Saturday, I caved in and bought it.  Then my friend did too.  I ended up going to the boutique three times.  I heard of a lady spending quite a lot of money.

So we had the second day of main classes.  In Behold Thy Beauty, Jackie gave us a doodle cloth to try a new stitch.  First we tried it larger than it really is and then we tried it actual size.  This was a good way to learn this stitch.  I worked hard on my scissors fob.

Then in Tuscan Shades of Marble, Giulia went through all the finishing.  I was ready for a stiff drink at the end of the day.  I know someone who skipped out and had a nap instead.

My friends and I decided to eat in the main restaurant off the lobby.  The food was good.  The time is going too fast, tomorrow is our last day.


  1. I adore half dolls
    Giulia is fantastic.
    Good work

  2. The Gingerbread Clock is amazing.
    Have fun!