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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

F is For Finishing

I got the Evan banner pieces all ironed and laced onto comic board.

Did I have felt to back them with?  Not the right color.  I found some great ultrasuede in a navy blue but it was just a hair short of covering the back.  Also, ultrasuede is hard to sew through.  Felt is so much easier.  So I went to my local fabric store. and got some felt and some ribbon.

 I have to iron on or sew the felt to the back of the squares and then mount them on the ribbon before I can call the banner done.  The banner will hang by a D ring.

I found a couple of things that I just couldn't pass up that will be for sale at the Nashville market.  Curse you FaceBook for showing me things I shouldn't buy.  I sent a message to The Silver Needle that I wanted Erica Michael's By The Sea and The Purple Thread's Nora's Garden.  We'll see if they can find those for me.

March came in like a lion and a lamb.  Last night there was a storm with lots of thunder and lightning.  But this morning I was able to walk outside and it was 50 degrees.  Crazy weather.  We are expecting snow this afternoon.  Chili for supper.

I'm working on the third tomato on Mend.  I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. Amy i am on the first tomato and no yellow measuring tape had been stitched yet - dq

  2. Evan's banner looks nice, the blue color is nice.
    I too saw by the Sea, it's a "gotta have". :)
    Love the Mermaid Stawberry.