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Thursday, March 16, 2017

More Good News

I got notification that Jenny Adin-Christie as sent my Wren Kit!

 That is the one thing I want to make this year.  I'm hoping to get it in a week or so.  Yeah!  But you know what that means, I have to get busy and finish up Home Sweet Home.  Now I am more motivated to get it done - so I can start the wren.  I started the orange tree yesterday.

I want to finish the tree part and try an orange (done with long armed cross stitch) and get the leaves going today.

  I have been distracted though.  There is a live stream of a giraffe giving birth on YouTube.  The internet is an amazing place.

I am finishing up Mend. I decided to put real buttons on the top instead of stitching button shapes.

Still too cold to walk outside.  I made cinnamon rolls yesterday.  Yum.

 Don't they look delicious?  Trust me, they are.


  1. How exciting that your wren is coming soon!

    Am fascinated that the oranges on Home Sweet Home are done in long armed cross stitch - can't imagine how that's going to work and look forward to seeing a nice close picture when they're done.

  2. Amy I like the buttons on the top. Good idea. I'm still stuck on the first tomato. I've lost my stitching mojo!

  3. The Wren will be awesome.
    The buttons look great on mend.
    Mmmmm, Cinnamon rolls. :)