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Friday, March 31, 2017


How can it be Friday again?  How can it be the last day of March?  Does time change and just whiz by when you get older?  Evidently.

I finished up some stuff yesterday.  I put the top on By the Sea Mermaid Berry.

 I decided that since there is a sand dollar embroidered on the top, I'm not putting on a twisted cord.  It calls for special pins, maybe if I see them at Stitchville next week, I'll get them.

Then I finished up the little bunny.

He is very cute.  He seemed twice this size when I was stitching him.  But I love that he is little.  I had to alter the base a bit to fit, it was too big.

 I also cheated.  I used my sewing machine to sew him together.  That ear was a bear to turn inside out.

I went looking for Blackbird Designs in my curios and didn't find any.  I swear I've have stitched some.  Maybe they are in the unfinished drawer.  It will be fun to see what people bring to Spring Fling next week.  I should make my list for Stitchville!


  1. I love your stitching and finishes! Following your blog has inspired me to try stitching things that are made into objects, which I'd never considered doing before. Thank you for sharing your progress and process as well as your beautiful stitching.

  2. Both of your finishes are too cute.
    Love that Bunny!

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