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Saturday, March 11, 2017


I organized the DMC floss from the bin into numerical order.  I found two 844s.  So I finished off the last of the sides of Mend.

I am doing the outline now.

My cabinet is "in transit"!  Yeah!  Maybe it will get here this week.  There is eleven hours and twenty two minutes of driving time between NYC and here.  I googled it.

I ordered a new little table to sit beside my stitching chair.  I need it for the two basket/drawers to hold handy stuff while I am stitching.  It is the essentials that were on the white table that is now gone.  It should be here by Wednesday.

Also, there is a package on it's way to me from The Silver Needle.  That will be fun to get.  I think it is the Just Nan new stuff and a couple of things from Nashville Market.  Can't wait.
My goal today is to try and finish up the short side I'm working on of Home Sweet Home.

  I truly want to get this finished, done, gone, over.
It was 16 degrees this morning.  Too cold for walking outside so I went to the Y.  The walking track on Saturday mornings is busy and noisy.  It is nice to be back home.  I stopped at Walmart on the way home looking for chocolate chips.  There was an empty shelf!  None to be had.  Rats.  I have a new chocolate chip recipe to try that I found on Facebook.


  1. Enjoy your stitching. It was bitterly cold here this morning also. It is an excuse for more stitching....or making chocolate chip cookies. Hmmm....

  2. Great progress on Men, and HSH is looking great.