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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Cabinet

I got my cabinet!!  I love it!  In spite of bad weather, the moving company made it to my house from Chicago.  Here is my cabinet.
It is really a liquor cabinet.  But I don't drink much.  Beer, wine and alcohol is not sweet enough for me.  My friend Torrie turned her cabinet into a real doll house.  She also put a mirror in the back of the cabinet.  Right now nothing is in my cabinet.  There is a place to put a glass shelf.  Several of the windows are missing the little dividing wood.

 The lady I bought this from included the missing parts so I could repair the windows.  When I opened up the doors, I realized that the strong magnets holding the doors closed make the doors twist and rattle when you open them and I can see why some of the window wood has come off.

I wondered if something was missing from where these circle shapes are.  But after looking at other cabinets, I don't think so.

I have to say that I just love this.
Most people would put this in their living room but I wanted to see it all the time.  And I spend almost all my time in my sewing room.
I can't believe I actually got one of these cabinets.

More good news tomorrow.


  1. Hello Amy, it's been chilly here too but today we did see the sun. The front of the flat where I sit doesn't get warmed through though, which is OK in the summer but not so comfortable in winter.
    Your cabinet is amazing, I've never seen one like it. Will you also make a doll's house? Nora's Garden would have tempted me too, it's lovely. The By the Sea kits looks interesting too. Your choc chip cookies had me looking for biscuits in the cupboard. lol. Just love Home Sweet Home your progress is great, the geeko is so cute and the caterpillar so tiny, the whole thing is fantastic. Great progress On the Mend and well done for finding the missing 844. I'm sure you must feel good about having it all organised. Regards Mandy

  2. It's beautiful!!!!I want one too but there is no place left in my studio to put it.

  3. Wow - it's fantastic, where did you bye it?

  4. OMG, that is too darn cute.

  5. What a fabulous cabinet! What are you going to put in it?