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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Executive Decision

I was very happy to walk outside today.  It was a nice 37 degrees.  I have met several very nice people that are regular walkers.  Yesterday Marta gave me a present.  I have admired Marta's hair.  She has such shiny curly nice looking hair.  My hair is awful.  It is very fine, straight, limp and thin.  Marta told me her secret, she makes her own conditioning rinse from aloe and avocado oil.  She brought me a huge aloe leaf and told me how to get the aloe gel out.  So I did.  I put it in a ziploc sandwich bag and I'm going to try it tonight when I wash my hair.

I have been concentrating on stitching the last side of Home Sweet Home.  I haven't been happy with the oranges on the tree.  So I made the executive decision to use another technique.  No more long armed cross, it just doesn't look even, good or right.  I decided to try split stitch around the edge and satin stitch over it.  Most of these oranges have been worked several times.
There are about three more oranges to go and about 12 more leaves.  That is my goal today, to totally finish the tree.
A couple of people wanted to know what I am going to put in my cabinet.  I am going to have a piece of glass cut for the shelf.  These are the most dollhouse-like things I have.

 I have some dolls that I could put in but I don't think I'm going to.  A no-reply commenter wanted to know where I got my cabinet.  I googled it and found one for sale in New York City from a company called "Chairish" where people can sell home furnishings they no longer want.
Happy Saturday!

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