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Monday, March 6, 2017

Rabbit Run Done

Here is my Rabbit Run spool all done.  It turned out great.

I also finished cleaning my sewing room.  Well, almost finished.  There is still stuff sitting on every available flat surface.

 But the good news is you can see the floor!  It's a miracle!

This is a bin with all the threads that were on the floor.  I don't know where to put it.

I have a basket of stitched things that need to be made into something.

 I also have a drawer of stitched things that need to be finished.
Now I have a place for my furniture purchase.  Yeah!

It was 50 degrees when I walked this morning.  I loved it.  The bathrooms are clean.  I'm not sure I can stitch in my sewing room, it is just too clean.  But not to worry, it probably won't stay this clean very long.

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  1. Hi Amy, Yes, you're so right, buying stitchy stuff is an addiction, also for me books. That Death by Cross Stitch is wonderful. Your Stitchy Box gift of the month is great too, I do wish they would do things like that here. I just love your Rabbit Run spool it's gorgeous. Well done for cleaning your sewing room. If you need a suggestion as to what to do with that bin of threads etc., I can give you my address lol. You have been busy. I sorted my corner out the other day looking for hoops to do my sister's pincushion on. I could have sworn I knew where they were, it took me hours to find them. Oh well, just goes to show how much stuff I have in my corner too lol. Regards Mandy