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Saturday, March 4, 2017


I have a real mess in my sewing room.  Why is that?  Just look at this:

This is the laundry basket of shame.
Yes, it is empty.  I've been sorting out and trying to get rid of lots of stuff.  I'm a bit of a hoarder. I am afraid to throw things out, maybe I'll need them one day.

A while back I showed my table that sits beside my stitching chair.  Well, I showed a picture of the table but you couldn't see it because it was covered by all sorts of stuff.  My idea now is to get rid of the table altogether.  Oh my, what an undertaking!  But under the table were two laundry baskets.  One full of fabric and one full of projects that have been started.  I worked for hours trying to sort out and find new places for this stuff.  So today's goal is to get the table out of the sewing room.

I snuck down into DH's tool area and found some stain and stained the top and the bottom of the spool.

 It dried yesterday.  Now I am ready to put the whole thing together.  It is very cute.  I see the designer is releasing more of these spool designs at market.

Best news ever - BFF#2 is coming to my city on Monday.  Oh what fun!


  1. Good evening Amy, I've missed so many posts, I didn't get my laptop out for a couple of days. Just love Evan's banner, he's going to too I'm sure. What or who is the Silver Needle, are they on FB? On the mend looks great, you've made such progress on all your projects. The afghan is absolutely beautiful, I'd love to make one some day. I too have such a list. Your rabbit spool is soooo cute, I love it. Believe me my corner looks worse than your room when I can't find something I want. I only have a little space and so things are neatly piled on top of each other, but when I'm looking or searching oh my!!! Really enjoyed your posts. Regards Mandy

  2. Geez, I have a mess like that too. :)
    I try to reorganize it, but it's I just like move it to another spot. lol
    The spool will be cute.