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Friday, March 24, 2017


Oh the trials and tribulations of putting together Home Sweet Home!  I put together the lining for HSH a while back.  I knew that the tray just barely fit in the lining.  There are still many pieces of the tray yet to be covered with fabric and inserted.

 So if the outside embroidered panels were too small (and they were), I would just have to make them bigger.  So that is what I did.  I took all of the outside pieces and unlaced them.  I cut new boards just one-eighth on an inch bigger, measured them next to the lining to make sure they fit and then re-laced them on the slightly larger board. I drew around the original board then added 1/8th inch to the top and side.
Taking the bottom off of the original board gave me the opportunity to sew on some button feet.  I forgot the buttons first time around.

 It was kind of a trick to lace the embroidered panels together.  I tried a curved needle.  That needle was too hard to use.  So I got out my trusty pliers to help me.  Now the outside is all sewn together.  I'm impressed, it looks good!

I can slip the lining in, no problem.

Now comes the fiddly stuff.  I made some cording to go around the roof panels.

 The pattern called for Armeniam knot stitch.  Nope.  I'm not doing that.  I could mess that up royally.  So I took all the roof thread I had left, cut it in two and made twisted cording.  I think it will work.  I have to sew it on.
I'm taking it slowly, a little bit at a time to put this all together.  The next major part is to sew the lining to the outside embroidered panels all around the top.
This side is my favorite.
I made myself sew all the embroidered panels together before I started the Wren.  Is that discipline or what?


  1. Looks great! I envy your ability to just do it!

  2. Unlacing and then recutting the boards and relacing all the outside pieces - yikes! But now the lining fits - wonderful. And as much as you've been looking forward to the wren, you deserve a raft of gold stars for working on HSH's finishing.

  3. It's looking great.
    Kudos to you for sticking with it and finishing it.

  4. I really like your new decorative designs! it's beautiful so much and good idea on site.