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Friday, March 10, 2017


I dumped out my bin of floss to sort things out.

 Mind you, this is not my only bin of floss.  I have several other places stuffed with floss.  But this bin is on the floor of my sewing room and I'd like to take care of it.  Besides the fact that I need to find DMC 844.  I am ready to stitch the stand for the fourth pin cushion on the side of Mend and I need 844..  This always happens, I clean up a mess then I can't find stuff.  Drives me crazy.

I have made good progress.  I have all the Weeks Dye Works thread sorted out and in alphabetical order.  (It's a miracle!)

I know it doesn't exactly look nice and neat but it is all sorted.
 So then I started on the Gentle Arts threads.  I got them all sorted into abc order as well.  (Also a miracle!)

 I have a big pile of DMC thread.

  I want to sort that into numerical order.  By the way, I haven't found the 844 yet.  I'm sure it's here somewhere.

 Wouldn't it be nice to have a maid to take care of cleaning up stuff so you can concentrate on the fun stuff?
It was very cold this morning so I went to the Y to walk.  Back to sorting.


  1. Hello Amy, well done on all your sorting. I've a few loose threads around to sort out. I don't think we get Weeks Dye Works or Gentle Arts threads here, what are the differences. We've also had mild and windy weather, but a bit of rain too. My neighbour and I want to put a flower bed in the front of the flats. You've made good progress on On the mend, it's looking good. Nearly finished that panel of Home Sweet Home, I just love your snail, he's so cute. Regards Mandy

  2. Loos like you made good progress.
    Those threads take time to organize.
    Have fun!