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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Raise the Roof

I've been plugging away at finishing the Home Sweet Home Etui.  I sewed the lining to the outside embroidered panels with help from some pliers.  So the roof is the next challenge.  I sewed the twisted cording around the edges of the two roof panels.

 I attached the pieces of cording that will hold the roof open.

 Then I began making the lining to the roof.  There are supposed to be some fabric covered elastic bands on the roof lining.  I had read that these were very difficult to do so I thought up something else.  I went diving in my bin of laces and ribbons (boy, does that need to be cleaned out!).  I came up with some old lace I bought somewhere and some 1/4 inch black ribbon.  I decided to put that across the lining panels instead of the elastic bands.  I think it looks pretty.

  I love the material I am lining the box with.

I read the directions on joining the roof to the main body of the house. You are supposed to ladder stitch the whole bottom edge.  I don't think I can do that and still have the roof open up.  I was thinking and thinking how I could attach the roof.  I thought of Betsy Morgan's Toy Box.  I really liked how Betsy attached the top lid on that.  So I got it out.

 Hmmm, I think I can use that idea.  But first I had to attach the cording to the roof panel.  I decided to just stabilize the roof panel with that same tacking kind of stitch used on the Toy Box.  Yes, I'm happy with that.  Now I am on to the other roof panel.

  Once I get the roof all done, all that is left (besides the smalls) is the tray that goes inside.  Progress!  I love that this project looks just like the book.

Too much rain today.  I had to walk at the Y again.  Luckily it was much quieter today.


  1. Amy what a lovely accomplishment. It is beautiful, congratulations!!

  2. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !