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Sunday, March 5, 2017


I confess that I bought some stuff.  After cleaning out a lot of my sewing room, I have more stuff than I can ever, ever stitch.  I have so much stuff that I just don't know where to put it.  And yet, I bought some more stuff. Buying stitchy stuff is an addiction.  I know people who are much worse than I am, but that is no comfort.  So, I will just confess.

Long Dog Samplers offers really big projects.  I'm not a true sampler person but I bought Long Dog Sampler's Death by Cross Stitch.

 I liked the motifs.  I justified it by saying that maybe I can use some of the motifs on one of my caskets.  Many flosstube people have this project too.  The difference is they have actually started it.  Not only did I buy one Long Dog Sampler, I bought two.  I bought her latest one, Hoity Toity.  Again, I liked the motifs.  It is also a large project.  Have I started it?  No.

  I've been introduced to Stitchy Box.  I saw a design that I wanted on Hands-On Designs site.  It was available from Stitchy Box.  I got it and I made it.  Perfect!  But then when I explored Stitchy Box's site I saw that they offered a box of stitchy supplies every month.  Then on Kay's Cross Stitch video, she opened a special Valentine box from Stitchy Box.  It had a small wrapped item for every day in February.  What fun!  So I broke down and ordered a three month subscription to Stitchy Box.  I won't get the first one until May or so.  Do I need more cross stitch supplies?  Am I crazy?

Shining Needle Society is offering a class from Barbara Jackson.  I can resist the needlepoint/canvaswork projects from Shining Needle, but I really like Barbara Jackson stuff.

  Yes, I already have several kits that aren't not even started from her.  I hang my head in shame as I tell you that I signed up for the class.

April will be a month of great temptation for me.  I have three things I am going to, Spring Fling, two classes with Linda of Needlemade Designs through my guild, and two classes with Betsy Morgan.
What's a girl to do?

Today's goal is to try and get more stuff up off the floor of my sewing room.  DH just shakes his head when he looks in my sewing room.


  1. But, you really shouldn't feel guilty.
    You enjoy stitching, and you DO make a lot of cute items.
    Most people have collections, yours is stitching!
    I have a lot too. :)

  2. Hi Amy! Where else can I find Barbara Jackson charts/kits? Thanks! Sarah

  3. I look at my stash and say no more buying ... then I get the next newsletter from Attic Needlework or Silver Needle. Honestly, it would take super human strength to resist some of these things! (I'm very tempted by SNS's other new offering - the Jackie du Plessis pieces)