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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Bits

I got little bits of stitching done yesterday.  I'm thinking of not stitching today and just finishing off Evan's second banner.  Here is the amaryllis all in bloom:
DH measured how tall it is, 33 inches.
I finished Dudley's cape.

I finished a couple of sepals and I almost got done with the leaf on Home Sweet Home.

 Then I couldn't find the right thread for the leaf vein.  But it is good to make a little progress.  That circle up by the window is going to be a ladybug,

The Silver Needle is sending me a package.  I think it is the last of the Circle of Friends designs for this year and I think it is by The Drawn Thread.  Maybe I'll get it tomorrow.

Can you believe that tomorrow is March??  Today is Fat Tuesday.  I'm resisting the urge to have a donut.


  1. Dudley is looking fantastic! I'm amazed that he's over one on 40 count - you must have a great magnifier.

  2. The Amaryllis is beautiful.
    Great progress on all of your projects.

  3. Hi Amy, your Amaryllis looks stunning. Dudley is very handsome. And I just love Home Sweet Home, the peas are gorgeous, so cute. I've sorted the threads for a little floral freestyle heart to make the pincushion for my sister. Almost knocked myself out searching in the drawers for some butter muslin for a backing fabric. Everything went very hazy for a minute. I'm not promising to stitch today, but your inspiration is making me move further than the last 8 years. Good for you and much appreciation. Regards Mandy