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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Is periwinkle a color or a flower?  Maybe it is both.  I got the periwinkle done on the front of Home Sweet Home.  Well, just the flower part.

I don't like the shape of this flower, it is a bit wonky.  If I cut out a couple of the stitches, I could fix it.  But at this point, I don't want to.  I have to finish the stem and leaves.  Then it is on to the bunny.  I've started the split stitch around the edge.  I guess that is my goal today, get the bunny as done as possible.
The pansy is all done.  I think this turned out well.

I got some more done on Dudley.

 I made it so I can fill in some large areas with color.  I've used a tip from videos I have seen on FlossTube.  I have been using a highlight marker to help me not get lost on this chart.  This has really helped.

Things I'm watching for:
Gay Ann Rogers has a sale starting this morning.  I'm trying not to be tempted to buy something.  I have several kits of hers that I haven't done yet.

I am anxious to get the Jenny Adin-Christie kits that were sent last week (but it doesn't include the wren - yet).

I have a present coming on Valentine's Day.  Lucky me!

I'd like to buy myself some candy.  I'm trying to resist that temptation but chocolate covered orange gels are calling my name.

Maybe my amaryllis will bloom this week!


  1. Dudley is looking quite debonair! And thanks for reminding me about Gay Ann Rogers' sale. I got the Elizabeth Sewing Case I been waiting for her to bring back.

  2. The periwinkle looks good the way it is.
    Great progress on Dudley.
    Can't wait to see your Valentine present. :)