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Saturday, February 18, 2017


I put the Heart of Elizabeth all together using some silk dupioni that I had on hand.

All done!  I tried some twisted cording with just black and white but didn't like it.  So I added the gold and I like it much better.

I think it turned out nicely.  Mandy, this is a Gay Ann Rogers design. On her website she has two sales a year, the heart sale that was last week (that did not include Heart of Elizabeth) and the e-week sale in October for just certain designs.  You can sign up for her newsletter then she will let you know when the sale is.

I need to get back to Home Sweet Home and make some progress.  I love how it is turning out but I hate working on it.  So I just have to push through.  I am very close to being done with this side.

Bunny is done.  Charms are added.

 Flowers to the right of the door are done.  I'm working on the rest of the bottom edge.

It is lovely outside.  I watched lots of the Four Continents ice skating yesterday.  Fun.  I should get my new earbuds today.  My old ones are broken.  I bet some oaf stepped on them (me?).  I'm seeing lots of new cross stitch designs coming out for the Nashville market.  Yes, I'm tempted.  But my heart is set on the wren.


  1. Hi Amy, thank you for that info, I will subscribe to Gay Ann's newsletter, I really appreciate it. I haven't done this type of work for a while and have lost contact with the designers I knew. I love the heart, it's gorgeous, your work is immaculate. Why are you not liking working on Home Sweet Home. I'm curious as it's one design I fancied? Take care. x