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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I Just Knew It

I asked my friend Janet if she entered the Thistle Threads contest.  She said yes.  That's when I suspected that she had won.  She is just the most amazingly creative person.  I've been watching the winners being announced.  Every day I looked, not Janet.  Then today the Grand Prize Winner was announced.  Yes!! It is Janet!  I feel lucky that I have seen this casket in person.  Just the wonderful things she put in the drawers is museum worthy.  She is starting a series of posts about how she made some of the pieces.  Fantastic job!  This casket is so "her".  How does she think up all these designs?  Her brain must be so crowded with ideas.  How inspiring!

Today I want to show you how far I have come on Final Soliloquy.  I just try to put in 17 stitches a day.  That isn't much when you consider this is worked on 40 count over one.  Some days I get on a roll and do many more than 17.

I'm calling this guy Dudley.  I don't know who he represents as I haven't read his story - yet.  I just went straight to the stitching.  It has been fun watching him unfold.

This is the amaryllis today.

The tall stock was leaning way over last night and I thought I might have to put in a stake to hold him up but we have some sunshine today and he has perked right up.
 The buds are getting fatter too.
Have a fun day!


  1. I like Dudley! Congrats to Janet! Thanks for the link.

  2. Your amaryllis is zooming up and Dudley is revealing himself to be quite handsome in his ruff and his cape - no wonder you got carried away!

    Have just been on Tricia's blog gaping and the increbile work your friend Janet did - her casket is beyond amazing, what a complete delight! Must have been marvelous to see in person.

  3. Janet has some great pieces, what a creative person.
    Dudley is looking good.
    That Amaryllis is going to burst one of these days.
    It has a lot of buds!