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Saturday, February 4, 2017


It is very cold today.  11 degrees when I went to the Y, too cold for walking outside.  I'm hoping for some good mail today.  I heard that Hedgehog Needleworks was closing so I ordered a bunch of spangles/paillettes and I got them yesterday.
This is probably a lifetime supply.
Today I'm showing you the scissors that are on my table.  I have five little containers for scissors.

Looking at what I have, I don't need any more scissors ever.  Well, unless they are very special.  That is the side effect of trying to clean up.  You realize just what you have.  Also, you find stuff that you have forgotten about.  Like this star thing.

 I've wondered where it was and now I have found it.  I found a package of needles recommended by a designer.  I need to try them and see how they work.

This is my most favorite pair of scissors.

Some people put their fancy scissors away and never use them.  Not me, I use mine - but very carefully.

I also have three containers of miscellaneous tools, pencils, rulers, etc.

 Now I have to figure out what to do with them.  I probably need to sort out these jars as well.
The next category to tackle is thread.  I have many different threads within an arm's reach.

  Do I put them away?  Or do I need a special box for them?
This is the old coffee can that I put my sewing scissors in.  It's a little crowded.
I guess since I'm old, I have had a long time to collect things like scissors.  I love having all the tools I need.


  1. You need something prettier than cans and jars for your things! Maybe next time you stitch something consider whether it would work as a "wrapaound" for something. We have an over abundance of mugs in our house so I use them for pens, pencils etc.

  2. Forgot to mention that using a frog for scissors is genius!

  3. Your favorite scissors are lovely and look so delicate! I try to rotate my special scissors but sometimes forget to switch.... Hey, that's a flower frog you're using to hold some of them, isn't it?

  4. Great collection of scissors.
    Your favorite pair is so delicate and pretty.
    Hobby Lobby has some cute containers in different colors for supplies.