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Thursday, February 23, 2017

V is for Vulture

I got two more letters done on the second banner for Evan.  V:

and A:

I'm ready to start the last one, N for nine banded armadillo.
I'm hoping to finish this today.

The amaryllis is so close to blooming. It definately is going to be red.

Here is a compare and contrast of using different threads on Mend:

The tomatoes will be on different sides of the block pin cushion.  This tomato looks much "weaker" than the next one.
I'm going to put buttons on the thread card spaces.  Pins go on the purple rectangle.  I stitched the safety pins in a silver thread.  I tried a blended dark grey and silver first, but didn't like it.
I have to make myself get a bit more done on Home Sweet Home today.  The goal is to get all the stems and tendrils done.  I am going to change the sweet pea flowers a bit.
It is wonderfully warm today.  Not a speck of snow is left.  It feels like spring.  People are all camped out in tents in front of the new Chick-Fil-A that opens today.  Are they crazy?


  1. You're flying through Evan's letters! Love the designs - did you mention the designer? Great tomatoes on that block design.

  2. My cousin works for Chik-Fil-A and said the first 100 customers get a free meal once a week for a year. People always camp out the night before an opening!

  3. The Tomatoes are too cute.
    The Amaryllis has a lot of buds!