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Friday, February 3, 2017

Pin Cushions

I am motivated to clean up my sewing room.  Finally.  On Facebook I ran across an article about decluttering.  (  There are three parts posted (out of four) to this article .  I was inspired to sort out the table by my stitching chair.  I collected all the pin cushions on the table.  There are about a dozen:
I made all of them but one.  This is the one I didn't make:
I bought it at a craft show many years ago.  (Maybe thirty years ago!)  But I just can't throw it away.
There are several from Forget Me Nots in Stitches:
There are lots from Shepherd's Bush:
I have many more from Shepherd's Bush as well.  I had so many of the rolls that I started giving them away.  Here is a basket of them:
I counted 5 more pin cushions on the small table on the other side of my stitching chair.  Then there are three more by my sewing machine.    Oh, well, they are fun to make and quick.  I guess I should put them in one of the curio cabinets.
Tomorrow I'll show you my scissors.

1 comment:

  1. They are all so pretty, and works of art.
    What a great collection.