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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

E is for Elephant

The banner for Evan will go pretty fast.  I got E with an elephant all done.  Next is V with a vulture, not very sweet but whatever.  I hope these aren't too old fashioned for DIL.

I went shopping this morning.  Easter candy is out.  Uh-oh.  I came home with some spiced jelly beans.  I'm not sure exactly what flavor they are, I thought they might be like spice drops  We'll see.

The amaryllis buds are out and starting to flower but aren't open yet.  If I had to bet, I'd say they were going to be red.

I quit procrastinating and started the other short side of Home Sweet Home.  I got the last window done.

 Then I used a stitch new to me,  Hungarian braid on the stem of the sweet pea.  I have to wrap it with another thread.  I goofed too.  I made a stem out of Hungarian braid and it is actually supposed to be done in another stitch.  I may just leave it.

Mandy asked what FlossTube videos I recommend.  There are some really nice people out there that do videos.  The ones I like to hear from are Stitcherista (sometimes profane), Jo Gregoire, StitchinPetunia, Jirrine, Tash the star-crossed stitcher, The Yellow House Stitcher, McKenna,  Pam's Crafty Corner and Kay's Cross Stitch.  There are others as well.  I have to confess that after watching some of these videos, I feel like I'm not so bad with all my mess and stash.  I've also gotten some good ideas.


  1. The banner will be cute.
    I also saw Easter candy already.
    Black Jelly Beans are my all-time favorite. :)

  2. Hello Amy, oh your progress on the banner has been quick, so cute. Thank you for the recommendations for flosstube, I shall look forward to a bit of quiet time. Our shops are full of Easter sweets too, never heard of spiced jelly beans, they sound lovely. Good for you doing more on Home Sweet Home. I can't find a pattern I fancy for my sister, I've been looking through loads of books for 2 days. I'll just have to make it up as I go along, we'll see. Regards Mandy