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Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Finish

I just couldn't put this down until it was finished.  Two funky birds (that's what I call it).

Rosalyn (no-reply) wanted to know who designed it.  It is a Plum Creek Sampler design for The Silver Needle Circle of Friends club.

 I saw that Vonna had finished one of these off into a small pillow and it looked very nice.  One of these days I'm going to have to have a finish-finish day and make this into something.

I did really well yesterday.  I got the door of Home Sweet Home almost all done.

 About half way down the second row on the door I figured out how to do the Cretan stitch properly.  It was a tension problem.  Once I tightened up my tension, the stitch started looking much more even.  It is really supposed to be done over waste canvas but I'm working on an even weave (sort-of, there are more threads one way than the other).  So I stitched directly on the fabric.  I've got most of the hard parts on this side all done.  The rest of the stitching I know I can do easily.

It is snowy and very cold so I walked at the Y.  Still no blooms on the amaryllis.  I sent my money in for Stitchville's Spring Fling.  That is the first retreat of the year for me.  It is too far away to start counting the days.


  1. Love your progress in your last post. This is a lovely house. I`ve had the book for sometime but when they reprinted it `Inspirations` magazine put the pattern for `Bodkin Holder` by Carolyn Pearce in issue # 92. So have a copy in with my kitting of this project. Happy Stitching

  2. Fraktur Friends is pretty, great job.
    The door looks good.