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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Walking in the Rain

It was 50 degrees when I went walking.  Wow.  In February, can you believe it?  Unfortunately, it started raining when I was half way done.  I made it it just fine but had to change clothes when I got home.

I am working on too many things!  But I love them all.  I am putting a little bit of time and love on each one.  I just finished my Evan banner but now I need to make another one.  Claire has a vertical name banner on her bedroom door and I need to make Evan one for his bedroom door.  I have a Prairie Schooler animal alphabet so I started that.  I'll show you tomorrow.

I worked on the Jenny Adin-Christie Row Houses.

 I finished the tower.

 Looks good.  Next was the roof of the tower with copper plate.  I've never worked with that before.

  It went pretty well.  I haven't put the tower on so I'm hoping they will match up okay, that the roof fits under the tower part.

The next step is to couch down gimp for the left hand cottage.  This is a pretty small design.  If I concentrated on it, I could get a lot done.

I watched a FlossTube video yesterday.  It was an hour long but for some reason, there was no audio, so all I could do was look.  I was shocked - and it takes a lot to shock someone with lots of WIPs. This lady had 27 WIPs.  It was fantastic to see kits and classes that I haven't seen before.  I think the lady must have been from Australia.  FlossTube keeps me entertained when there is nothing on TV.  It also gives me ideas about ordering stuff.  Uh-oh.


  1. You just started this the other day and *look* at how much you've done! I thought the tower was just poofed up a bit, but it looks from you pictures today as if it's actually a cylinder/tube? Fascinating!

  2. This is an interesting piece.
    Yes, Flosstube can become addicting and enabling. :)

  3. Morning Amy, this design is beautiful. How do you find such 3D designs, they really are inspirational. Have you got any suggestions of who to look up on Flosstube, I've never used it before. Regards Mandy