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Monday, February 20, 2017


I saw Sally at Salty Yarns finished this.

  It is so cute!  She changed the colors a little and added real buttons, pins and needles to the design around the edge.  So I dug out the parts I had for this design.  I had bought some blue Monaco fabric.  I started stitching on it but didn't like the feel of the fabric.  So I went digging to see what was in my basket of fabrics.  I found some nice blue fabric that I think will do.  I believe the pattern calls for 28 count but what I found was 32.  Whatever.  I didn't have the called for colors so I was using a combination of DMC, Weeks and GAST.

 There wasn't enough contrast in the pin cushion.  You couldn't see that there was a pattern on the pin cushion.  Scrap that.  So then I went digging through my Vicki Clayton silks.  I found some that I think will do.  What I have done so far is a combination of everything I have tried.

 Am I going to take it out and start over?  Are you crazy?  There are two greens on the top of the tomato and it just isn't worth it to take it all out.  It looks fine.  I also wasn't sure what to do about coverage, one strand or two?  I tried one of DMC and Weeks, it was a little skimpy.  Then I tried the premium silk which is heavier.  One strand of that is plenty.  The surprise on this is that it is fun to stitch.

The bathrooms are clean and the walking is done.  We've had two days of temperatures in the sixties and today is going to be warm too.  I love it.  Enjoy it while you've got it!


  1. Hello Amy, it's funny I was just thinking to myself, I'll make a pincushion for my sister's birthday, then I turned to your post. I need to get moving on it, she still uses a floppy fried egg pincushion I made her over 30 years ago, poor girl. I love this one, it's so cute. Regards Mandy

  2. ugh Amy your miles ahead of me!!! I just got the kit!