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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Something That Starts with S

It is cold today!  Not only that, but it is windy and snowing.  Ugh.  The amaryllis has a full on bloom,  two months to the day after we were gifted it.  It is beautiful.

Let's check in on Dudley.  I've filled in some spaces like his boots, his lower legs and a lot of his cape.

 Working on 40 count over one goes very slowly.  I am almost ready to start in on some new areas.

I worked a bit on Home Sweet Home.  This is not fun.  Tedious and difficult are more apt terms.  I started the other pea pod.

 Had to do a new stitch, ladder stitch.  I am not sure that I am doing it correctly.  The next thing to do is to add some spangles and beads to this pea pod.  There is a snail on this side that will be interesting to do.  On the stem there will be a caterpillar made with a buillion knot of 30 wraps.  Wish me luck!


  1. Hello Amy, your Dudley is really looking good now. 40ct over one is amazing, I'm not sure whether I will be able to see that, I hope so, I do have a magnifier. Do you use a magnifying glass? I love the pea pods on Home Sweet Home, they are so cute. Regards Mandy

  2. The The Amaryllis is beautiful.
    Dud looks good. :)
    This piece will be awesome when done, worth all of your hard work.

  3. Forty over one? It's magnificent!