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Sunday, February 5, 2017


I got good mail yesterday!  I watched a flossTube video and it was recommended that if you wanted to try a Nora Corbett pattern, this one might be a good choice.

 So I ordered it and asked that the threads be included.  That is taking a risk.  What if  28 colors of Gloriana were called for?  That could be very expensive.  Luckily it only called for 19 DMC colors.  Whew!  From just looking at the picture, I thought this was a small design, maybe even tiny.  Nope.  Done on 32 count it turns out to be 10.9 by 6.1 inches.  That's huge!  At least it was way bigger than I expected.  It would be smaller if I left off the black curliques.  I'm not sure I want to do it on white.  I'm thinking about this one.
I went to Hobby Lobby the other day looking for fabric to do the Hands-On pin cushion "Mend".  It says you need a long strip 8 by 23 plus two 10 by 10 squares.  I wanted a dusty blue like in the photo.  I found a blue Monaco big enough so I got it.  Then I went to my LNS (which is really a yarn store) to see if they had the overdyed threads.  I could only get one of the called for threads.  Rats.  I think I'll have to use a combo of DMC threads and a few overdyed one that I happen to have.

I went to the Y to walk and it felt balmy outside.  That's because it was 11 degrees yesterday and now it is 29.  That's pretty bad when 29 feels balmy.
I want to show you where Dudley is tomorrow.  You'll be impressed with his sword.


  1. Amy i caved and bought the Mend pattern and called for fibres from 123 stitch - i am waiting for them to arrive OMG i hope its not another UFO to add to my basket of shame but i love it so hopefully can get it done. Maybe you will motivate me but i won't be able to keep up with you due to that dreaed 4 letter word WORK UGH!!!! How about a SAL on mend!

  2. That's a lovely design. Surprised the model's on white as it seems to beg for color in the background - pale blue ... gray ... yellow? Something hand dyed with just a touch of mottling? Love the black curlicues.

  3. The Nora Corbett looks like a lot of solid stitching, but it's pretty.
    Great choice on the fabric for mend.