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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I've been working on the front of Home Sweet Home.  This is how far I am:
 The stitching is going very slowly.
I'm doing a stitch new to me for the door.  Creten stitch.  I hope it looks like wood when I'm done.
 I think this pansy is perfect!
 Over half of the rose vine is done.
My best window.
Goal for today is to finish the rose vine and work my way down to the bottom of the door.  Nobody is really going to look this closely at the embroidery.  I think this is the hardest side.

I was so thrilled yesterday.  Two of the kits that I ordered from Jenny Adin-Christie are in the mail to me!  But not the wren - yet.  But she said it would be soon.  Cool.

I was able to walk outside this morning.  That's pretty good for February.


  1. The pansy is beautiful! And your rose vine looks great too. Seems to me I did cretan stitch on something years ago - must go find it as I'm curious now.

  2. It's looking great.
    Love that little Pansy, so cute.