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Friday, February 24, 2017

Banner Day

The second Evan banner is stitched.  I just have to assemble it.  It is from a Prairie Schooler out-of-print leaflet, Animal Alphabet.

The N and A are a little close together but I think I have enough room to mount them on little squares just like the Christmas banner.

I went walking this morning but got caught in some scary lightening and thunder.  DH came to my rescue about two blocks from home.  My hero!

I got the tendrils done on Home Sweet Home and started a pea pod.  I couldn't find the green spangles anywhere.  I can see the package in my head but I can't find it in my sewing room.  So I made do.  I put on gold spangles and a green bead.  So there.

  There is still more to be done on this pea pod.  I hope to finish it and the other pea pod today.  Maybe that will give me some momentum to get this side finished.

The first of the amaryllis buds is opening up!  It is a dark pink.  Cool.

I can't believe it is the last Friday in Fabruary.  This month went fast.  I pre-ordered the new Just Nan stuff.  I shouldn't have, as I have several (!) Just Nans to be stutched or started.  But a mouse and a house are just too cute.

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  1. Hi Amy, great finish on the banner, it's going to be so lovely. Your amaryllis looks good. Love that Home Sweet Home, it's coming on well. OK my neck is so sore from looking into the computer screen on my bed and it's all your fault lol. I am hooked on Flosstube, what fun. Now my hubby thinks I'm being anti-social haha. Thank you for the recommendations there's so many people out there stitching it's fantastic. Regards Mandy