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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I got to the beading part of Heart of Elizabeth.  I got her collar/ruff done and now all that is left is her necklaces.

Maybe I can finish this up today.  Then I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

The amaryllis' bud is starting to crack open.  I still can't really tell what color it is but we will know soon.  I'm guessing it might be white.
This is what's left of the amgel food cake.  Very yummy.

It is cold and overcast today.  If Mr. Mailman brings me a package, my day would be brightened up considerably.


  1. Beautiful job on Elizabeth's heart. I've finished all the stitching on mine and have started the beading, but stopped because I was not happy with my work. Really should give it another go as I am so close to finishing.

  2. Elizabeth is so pretty.
    I bet the Amaryllis will open today. :)

  3. Hello there from over the pond in England. I just discovered your blog, it's great, such an inspiration. I too bought the book Home Sweet Home, did you buy the kit or are you substituting. I'm looking forward to starting mine, it's just the cost of buying fabrics etc that is holding me back, I look forward to your progress. Your amaryllis is gorgeous, they are such beautiful plants, my hubby is trying a couple of orchids, I think maybe it's been a bit too cold. You really are a prolific stitcher. I've been ill for a while and haven't been stitching, but you make me want to have a go again. In one post you said embroidery is not your forte, I beg to differ, you do a really great job with your embroidery. Thank you for such a lovely pick up this morning, you've cheered my heart.