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Monday, February 13, 2017


I worked on finishing up a couple of things yesterday.  I am very happy that my little banner for Evan is all done.
I bought some wool felt the other day to finish off this strawberry:
I made up the pattern for the leaves as I went along.  I guess it looks alright.

I ironed the funky bird, he looks much better.
I am this far on Heart of Elizabeth:
I'm looking forward to the blackwork that comes next.
I walked outside today.  DH says it is supposed to get up to 62 next weekend.  Woo-Hoo!
The bathrooms are clean.  There might be some candied orange peel made today.


  1. Love your work on the heart. I did not resist temptation and now am getting 2 more hearts from Gay Ann!

  2. The Banner turned out nice.
    Your other projects look great too.
    Mmmmmm, orange peel. :)

  3. Could you share the fracture pattern number etc. I love it and tried looking online but don't see it. My email is Thank you.