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Sunday, February 12, 2017

How Not to Be Tempted

When I went looking at Gay Ann Rogers' Heart Sale, I was most tempted by the  Wedding Dress Heart 2.  But it reminded me a bit of the Heart of Elizabeth..  I bought Heart of Elizabeth at least a year ago. I'm sure it is in a cabinet somewhere.  I went looking for it and found it.

It had the congress cloth and beads with it but no threads.  Surely in my stash I can find some threads that will do.  I was looking for the perfect charcoal color.  I got out my box of Vickie Clayton silks.

  I found the perfect thread.  It has a slight variation and the premium thread will work wonderfully with one ply on the congress cloth.  But if I run out, I'm up a creek without a paddle.  There isn't any way to get more as Vickie Clayton is no longer dyeing this thread.  Do I risk it?  Yes.
I found some stretcher bars that will do.
It was fun to work on something totally different.  I love the charcoal thread.  I worked on it all day.
Today I'm trying to finish some things that have been sitting around.
I love that it was warm enough to walk outside today.  Looking forward to talking with Claire and Evan this afternoon.  Sundays are special.

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  1. Another great project.
    Evan's banner is coming along nicely.