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Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Little Pink

I've got a bit more momentum in the Home Sweet Home project.  I added some pink and that makes all the difference.

 I didn't like the sweet peas as they didn't look right shape-wise.  So I changed them a bit.  I had some variegated pink floss handy so I tried starting a sweet pea.  I love it!  It isn't finished yet but I want to work on it.

It was very cold this morning so I decided to walk at the Y.  But getting to the Y was not easy.  There was a race or marathon or something going on and my way was blocked off in several directions.  Very frustrating.  I persevered and got my walking in.

The other buds on the amaryllis are opening up gradually.  I'll take a picture when they are all open.


  1. Hi Amy, your sweet peas look lovely. My boss used to grow them, and bought bunches into the office for all the girls. I'm glad Home Sweet Home is taking shape, it's a great project. Regards Mandy

  2. The Sweet Peas are so cute. :)