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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Amaryllis Fell

Our Amaryllis plant is so tall and  top heavy that it fell over.  I don't think it hurt itself.  So DH put in two stakes to help hold it up.
I see some red inside the buds.  Maybe the bloom will be red?

I got the front side of Home Sweet Home done!!
Mandy wondered why I don't like working on this.  It is mysterious as to why some things are fun to stitch and some things I dread stitching.  You never know beforehand how you will feel about stitching something.  With this, I think the constant fear that I am going to mess this up spoils some of the fun.  Also this is going very slowly.  I don't like when things aren't nice and neat and perfectly done.
Here are the pieces so far:
Next step:  trace another side onto the embroidery fabric.  I think I'll choose the end side as it is smaller.
We are enjoying another nice day here.  It was 65 degrees yesterday.  Wow.  I made another little start.  I'll show you tomorrow.  It's Sally's fault!


  1. Yes, sometimes you have to stake the Amaryllis.
    Maybe it's white with red, I've seen those before.
    Home Sweet Home is looking great, hope you can finish it.

  2. Hello Amy, You're right the Amaryllis is going to be red, so stately. Seeing your pieces of Home Sweet Home laid out, you've done a lot, it's great. I don't think you'll mess it up, it's going to be stunning. Your work is so beautiful. I love the bunny, he's darling. Take care. Mandy