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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yoko Saito Book

I read David's blog Cottage Down the Hill and he talks about classes he has taken with Yoko Saito.  He has made some of her projects.  I'm not really a quilter but I have sewn several quilts.  There isn't enough time in the world to do all the crafts that I would like.  Yoko's quilting is interesting and shows artistic talent for putting together fabrics and colors.  On impulse I bought her new book when I was in Shipshewanna.

It is fun to look at all the projects and to see how she does things.

 I would never think of putting together fabrics like she does but they are gorgeous.  Looking at the book made me want to make something.  Something little that wouldn't take forever.  I really haven't hand quilted much.  But I want to hand quilt one of her projects.  I liked these projects.

But then would her type of fabrics (yarn dyed wool, homespun) be available around here?
I googled her fabrics.  I could buy some on ebay or etsy or in Japan.  Oh, she has some kits!  That would be perfect.  I decided that Santa would want me to have a small Yoko Saito kit.  I found the most darling kit on an etsy site.

So I ordered one for Santa to give me.