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Monday, October 27, 2014

Dancing with The Stars

I admit that one of my very favorite TV programs is Dancing with the Stars.  But that's not what this post is about.  It is about me not reading directions.  Or having no directions to read!  I bought the Dancing Stars quilt pattern in Shipshewanna.  When I picked it up I was suspicious.  It was very light, as though there were not many pages inside but it cost nine dollars.  Hmmm.

 I really liked the quilt made from this pattern so I threw caution to the wind and bought it and some fabric too.

 I was right to be suspicious.  There are only two half pages inside and not a lot of information.

 I like directions spelled out for me.  I need directions meant for a five year old.  Very specific, one step at a time, lots of information and pictures.  Not going to happen with this.
When I looked at the pattern, I figured out that part of it is a paper pieced pattern.  I also figured out that the numbers on it were not indicating which fabric to use.

So I made a copy and proceeded to try and sew it right on the paper and figure it out as I went along.  After the first seam, I realized I had not planned well and the piece of fabric was not large enough.  So I took it out and tried again.  So far, so good.  I added another piece.  I goofed again.  Well, this is going to be harder than I thought.

Time for YouTube.  Maybe there are hints that would help me not mess this up.  The YouTube video was very helpful.  The first thing she tells you is that you will waste a lot of fabric.  The numbers indicate the order that the seams are sewn.  You should iron and trim after each seam.  You should not use printer paper, it's too heavy.  Copy paper works better.  I have stitched one star block.

It looks okay - not great, just okay.  I will get better as I go along (I hope).  The next one will be much better.  I'm an optimist.

Then I read the directions to finish Sew Darling.  I realized that I just ignored all the specialty stitches (and there are a lot!) and stitched it in cross stitch only.  Whatever.  I am almost done putting it together, I'll show you tomorrow.  It is very cool.


  1. Great to meet you in Shipshewana this past weekend. I still cannot believe all the wonderful trips you took this year! Good luck with your quilt. That is a super town for quilt candy!

  2. good luck with your quilt dear..
    happy sewing x

  3. I think the star looks good.
    I too need a LOT of pics and instructions. lol

  4. You can also find thin hot dog wrap paper to use for paper piecing. This will of course require that you trace each one by hand as it is too thin to go through the copier. Hope they also told you to shorten your stitch length :)