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Thursday, October 9, 2014


I was very happy to get the Jubilee Pin Cushion all stitched.  The band that goes around the middle of it almost didn't fit on the linen.  I cut it awfully close.  But luckily it went together pretty well.

I am so suggestible.  I was reading Mary Corbet's blog, Needle'n Thread, and she mentioned a kit she made a while back.  I looked it up and thought it was nice so I ordered one.

It came nicely packaged in a box with all the stuff to make a needlebook.  I got it from The Mad Sampler which is an online shop that I hadn't heard about before.  They have good quick service.
I'm off to finish stitching the latest Shepherd's Fold kit.


  1. Wow the pin cushion is so beautiful
    Big hugs xx

  2. Love how your gorgeous pin cushion turned out! Lovely new kit:) love Annette