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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Getting Things Finished

It always feels good to get something finished.  I worked hard to get the Bird pin cushion finished.  I wished for more old looking but small buttons to sew on the edge but this looks okay.  

I kind of wish I had stuffed it a little less.  But I am used to stuffing things firmly.  They look more uniform and smoother that way.

Then I got a little lazy.  I should have re-ironed this before I laced this and put it in the frame.  I'm going see if I can iron out the little fold bump in the middle.  If I can't then I'll take it apart and fix it.  It would drive me crazy to only think of that wrinkle every time I look at it.

I have one more finish but I'm saving that to show you tomorrow.

I had so much good food while in Minneapolis!  I'm having to behave myself now that I am back home.
We ate at Champs, Doolittle's, Rainforest Cafe, Porter Creek, and Vivo Kitchen. Yum.  Here is Porter Creek's salmon.  It was fabulous.

Son#1 and his bride.

It was a very nice wedding.  Claire is checking out the wedding cake table.


  1. Claire is beautiful. I think those American Girl Dolls are so pretty and would make a perfect Christmas present for her. What a nice wedding.
    Your finishes are great. I would never attempt to frame a stitched piece.

    Barbara in OKC

  2. Cute finish.
    The couple look very happy.
    Little Claire is too cute on her dress.

  3. All my best wishes to the happy couple -- Jill and Scott look wonderful together and so happy. Claire is just so adorable too! -BFF

  4. All my best wishes to the happy couple
    Beautiful finishes xx

  5. I love your little pillow finish and personally, I like a firmly stuffed cushion as they do compact over time anyway, and I prefer smooth to a bumpy finish. I also love the little buttons attached, what a nice way to show off some special buttons. Was that part of the pattern?
    Claire looks adorable, so cute in her little dress :)